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District Formation Process

Establishing By-Trustee Areas

El Monte Union School District is transitioning from an “at-large” elections system to a “by-trustee area” elections system. 

This change has been initiated by the Board of Trustees to strictly adhere to the California Voting Rights Act, which calls for a shift from an “at-large” election system – where all trustees are elected by voters of the entire school district – to a system where the Board is divided into five trustee areas and candidates are elected by voters of each specific area.

Beginning in November 2022, residents will vote for candidates in their newly drawn trustee area.

To define the trustee areas, the District is undertaking a process, led by our public involvement team and a demographer to ensure our community is deeply involved in developing the maps, while also ensuring the district maps meet complex legal and regulatory criteria. 

In May, the District hosted Community Information Sessions to help introduce the By-Trustee Area Election Formation Process and share how the public can participate in creating these trustee areas. The official mapping process began AUGUST 18, with an anticipated completion timeline of MARCH of 2022.

Please sign up to receive updates on this very important process and look for details on upcoming events under the Public Participation Opportunities section of this website.

District Commitment

In the fall, the El Monte Union High School District will begin the official mapping process for creating the by-trustee areas. The District is committed to ensuring the formation process is transparentinclusive, and community-focused. Public participation is critical for defining the trustee areas and all comments will be documented and considered. This process will meet legal deadlines and all maps will align with legal and regulatory criteria. EMUHSD will provide various opportunities for participation to ensure our District community and all interested stakeholders understand the “why” and “how” of this District-initiated transition. Thank you for your continued partnership and we look forward to your participation in this historic process!

Dr. Edward A. Zuniga